Investments in Szob - Colas Északkő
Investments in Szob

2014. 02. 10..

An automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) access control system and a new crusher were handed over in Colas Északkő’s Szob plant.

The Szob quarry has only one gate, thus we installed three boom barriers to control the access of service vehicles, empty- and loaded trucks. As vehicles come to a stop at the gate, the ANPR camera scans their plates, and they are identified by the software integrated into the system. If the empty weight of the given vehicle has already been recorded in the database, the boom barrier opens. However, if a new, unknown vehicle wishes to access the facility, it has to drive onto the weighbridge in order to undergo the registration procedure. In case of loaded HGVs leaving the plant, the camera installed at the weighing station records time-coded video footage of the load while the weighing is carried out and the weighing slip is issued.

Until recently, railway bedding stone material was produced in Szob with a 20-year-old, 85 t/h capacity impact crusher, while these 35/50 aggregates remain highly popular on the market – consequently, we needed a machine capable of manufacturing this product with greater efficiency. In other quarries, we had positive experience with the Metso HP 300 cone crushers, thus we chose to contact the Hungarian dealer of Mesto equipment, who undertook extensive guarantee for a HP 300 machine equipped with an Extra Coarse crusher cavity.

On 6 January, we started the preparatory works required for the installation of the new machine, and we managed to commence operations with the HP 300 by the end of February. Based on observations of the first week, the capacity of railway aggregate manufacturing increased from 85 t/h to 125-140 t/h, while the rate of less marketable products dropped from 120 t/h to 80 t/h. However, by installing an ultrasonic level sensor, we wish to achieve further improvements in output.

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