Miners honoured - Colas Északkő
Miners honoured

2014. 09. 12..

Colas Északkő Bányászati Kft. lays special emphasis on the safeguarding and celebration of the extremely rich history, culture and traditions of the mining industry – as probably the most important element of this mission, the Miners’ Day is organised annually.

At the event organised by Colas, we reward colleagues who have excelled in recent years through their persistence, commitment, and their love of the profession.

From the crews of the company’s 12 plants and Tarcal headquarters, a total of ten people received certificates of mining service – one of them, Csaba Krasznai was also commended at the central national Miners’ Day event held in Oroszlány.

Our workplace collective has every right to be proud of their achievements, including two further accolades: the “Distinguished Miner” award was presented to Péter Veres, while Tamás Benkő received the Minister’s Certificate of Excellence.

Péter Veres has been working in the company’s Szob facility as a production manager. Among other accomplishments, he received the award for his exemplary professional preparedness and his high level of dedication as deputy technical manager.

Tamás Benkő is one of the mining machine operators at our Tállya quarry. In addition, he has been serving as the secretary general of the employees’ trade union at the company for the past years.

József Varga, who has been performing hard physical labour for 45 years in our repair workshop as a metalworker foreman, also received a service certificate. József started his career at the legal predecessor of the company as a trainee, and went on to work as an excavator operator, metalworker and foreman. He earned the honour through his tireless, diligent work. Being a highly skilled workman, he makes considerable contributions to the realisation of the company’s strategic objectives. Furthermore, by passing on his experience, he provides an opportunity for younger co-workers to expand their knowledge.

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