Open day at Tállya - Colas Északkő
Open day at Tállya

2013. 05. 24..

Colas Északkő organised an open day for the fourth time – guests were welcomed by the Tállya quarry on 24 May.

The European Union’s “European Minerals Day” programme provides the opportunity for people to discover more about the mining industry – a sector that affects every aspect of our lives. Colas Északkő joined the 2013 event by organising an open day – the fourth one in the line of such occasions.

Similarly to open days held in previous years, the Tállya plant welcomed nearly 170 visitors in 2013. The youngest generation was represented by nursery pupils from Abaújszántó and primary school students from Tállya, who got acquainted with the everyday operations in the quarry through a series of games. During their visit, they had a close look at excavating and loading machinery, as well as the process of loading and transporting rocks by dump trucks. Railway transport is also available on the area of the plant, and the children enjoyed a short joyride on the locomotives at the lower section of the quarry.

The facility was also visited by students from the University of Miskolc with the goal of broadening their professional horizons. One of the centres of their attention was the Kopasz Hill in Tállya – a spot exceptional throughout Hungary and Central Europe with respect to both the quantity and quality of its mineral resources.

In 2008, the company carried out a series of investments regarding quarry in the value of nearly one billion forints. The newly established primary and secondary crushing technology resulted in more efficient production and enhanced capacity. By having an overview of the procedure, future process engineers gained plenty of useful experience. They also had the chance to take samples from the 15-20 types of products we are able to produce with our wide range of crushing and grading equipment.

In addition to the “civilian” guests, plant manager József Erdei accompanied colleagues arriving from the basalt quarry at Uzsa, with whom he found the time to share some professional views.

Colas Északkő Kft. devotes special attention to the protection of natural and environmental values. The quarry serves as a habitat for a number of protected species, including Eagle-Owls and Black Storks nesting on the area, as well as various native species of Spear-grass and Iris. As demonstrated to our visitors, we strive to fulfil construction industry raw material demands with our constantly renewing fleet of machinery, while minimising the impact to the environment and complying with EU quality standards. Naturally, safety regulations were also followed during the event. We hereby thank both our younger and more experienced visitors for keeping all necessary precautions throughout the open day.

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