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About us

Colas Út came to life through the fusion of such prestigious construction firms as EGÚT Egri Útépítő Zrt., Debreceni Magas, Mély és Útépítő Zrt. and Hoffmann Rt. The legal predecessors had been working in the frontline of Hungarian road construction as members of the international Group since 1996, and went on to merge to form Colas Út in 2009. With its two – Eastern- and Western Hungarian – regional directorates, eight asphalt mixing plants and one emulsion plant, the firm managed to cover the entire country in terms of road construction, the manufacturing and sale of hotmix, and the manufacturing and sale of bitumen emulsion. Several decades of experience in the trade, state-of-the-art equipment, a solid technical background, modern quality management and environmental management systems, and well-trained personnel ensure that we always deliver first-rate quality.


In the past few years, we established the production and sale of bitumen emulsion as a specialised branch. At our sites, bitumen emulsion is available for pick-up in drums, 10-litre and 20-litre cans, and on request, the tanks of bitumen emulsion sprayers can be filled at our sites. In addition to the sale of emulsion, the range of our services includes bitumen emulsion spraying, the installation of sprayed surface coatings, asphalt-milling, soil stabilisation, as well as cold remix.


Colas Út Zrt. is firmly devoted to innovation. Continuous technological development is one of our priorities for the sake of building safe and durable roads. Therefore, we are spearheading the introduction of new eco-friendly technologies in Hungary.

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