Large-scale maintenance works on the M6 - Colas Út
Large-scale maintenance works on the M6

2024. 02. 22..

Innovative technologies were also used for wearing course and binder course replacement during the rehabilitation of the motorway section.

On an assignment from M6 Duna Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt., Colas began major maintenance works between chainages 22+150 and 54+140 km of the M6 motorway on 2 May 2023. Beyond renovating the pavement of the emergency, driving and passing lanes of both carriageways, the contract also prescribes similar duties on interchange onramps and offramps, speed change areas and rest stops located on this stretch of the high-speed road. The extent of the job is best illustrated by the mere numbers: we are to mill up the surface on 901 686 m2, to be followed by the installation of 8656 tonnes of binding layer (AC 22) and over 87,300 tonnes of wearing course (SMA 11, AC 11) asphalt. Moreover, Colas teams on the site are expected to carry out traffic engineering works, fix guardrails, and repair bridge expansion joints where necessary.

The job was split into two parts: while the southernmost 12 kilometres of the section were completed by 15 November 2023, the remaining 20 km is scheduled to be finished by 15 October 2024.

As a special highlight of the pavement renovation, we are making use of innovative technologies to enhance quality and efficiency. For instance, 3D scanning is performed before commencing works on each section to create a 3D model of the pavement, which helps engineers to determine the actual state of asphalt layers. This technique also enables our BIM team to prepare milling planswith pinpoint accuracy. When it comes to milling works, automated milling machines are used for removing the pavement based on the 3D model, replacing manually-programmed equipment. Introducing innovative technologies enhances efficiency and time management, which is crucial for complying with the tight deadlines.


Text: Fanni Béres 

Photographer: Imre Ádám Kiss

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