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Essentially, bitumen emulsion is the dispersion of bitumen particles on water. Consequently, it takes a liquid form on room temperature. The manufacturing process entails the mixing of hot bitumen and hot water in a colloid mill, where bitumen breaks up into particles measuring a few microns in diameter, and starts floating around in the water without sticking together or settling. Some other materials – e.g. emulsifiers, calcium chloride, hydrochloric acid – are also required for producing emulsion, but the percentage of these in the mix is negligible.


In Hungary, the first bitumen emulsion plants were started to be constructed in 1983, and the Gyöngyös facility of Colas Út Zrt. was also set up around this time. The colloid mill located at the plant has a maximum capacity of 25 tonnes per hour, and the Gyöngyös site has containers to store some 250 tonnes of the material. However, bitumen emulsion products are also available at seven other sites of the company.


When it comes to the construction and renovation of roads, bitumen emulsion proved to be suitable for an immensely wide range of applications. Its main functions include the bonding of various layers, longitudinal and transversal joints, the priming of utility fittings and curbs, and the treatment of surfaces for pothole repairs to ensure proper bonding.

With regard to maintenance works, it can be used for preparing surface coatings, crack suspension membranes (combined with fiberglass), pothole repair mixtures and pavement layers made with emulsion, as well as for cold recycling technologies. As a notable advantage, its application is possible both in a cold state and heated to up to 90 °C. Bitumen emulsion can be installed both manually and mechanically, it sets within a short period of time, thus it will not hinder further works.


10-LITRE CAN: HUF 3900 + VAT / CAN
20-LITRE CAN: HUF 6900 + VAT / CAN

HUF 63000 + VAT / DRUM

In addition to filling up the tanks of bitumen emulsion sprayers, C60B3RG type bitumen emulsion is also available for pick-up in smaller quantities – 10- or 20-litre cans or 210-litre drums – at the retail locations of Colas Út Zrt. We recommend the can and drum packaging options for customers not owning emulsion sprayers or not requiring large quantities of emulsion due to the size of the job at hand. The smaller packaging options offer easy transportation and handling, while using the proper quality and quantity of emulsion ensures the durability of pavements.


bitumen emulsion plant

Sale of C60B3RG bitumen emulsion


  • C40B1: 40% cationic bitumen emulsion with a bitumen content of 40%, for binding asphalt surfaces
  • C60B3RG: 60% cationic bitumen emulsion with a bitumen content of 60%, for binding asphalt surfaces
  • C60BP3RG: cationic modified bitumen emulsion with a bitumen content of 60%, for binding asphalt surfaces
  • C65B3FB: cationic bitumen emulsion with a bitumen content of 65%, for sprayed surface coatings
  • C60BF3EA: cationic medium-setting bitumen emulsion with a bitumen content of 60%, for emulsion-based mixtures
  • C69B3FB: cationic bitumen emulsion with a bitumen content of 69%, for sprayed surface coatings

The requirements for cationic bitumen emulsions applicable in the road construction sector are defined in the MSZ EN 13808:2013 standard and road technical specification e-UT 05.01.21:2018. Colas Út Zrt. operates a certified production control system (certificate number: 2095 CPR-171-2). The products manufactured and sold by the company have been verified through type tests performed ad accredited laboratories. Based on the type test report, declarations of performance are issued for all manufactured products. On request, we are capable of producing other types (e.g. anionic) of emulsion, and emulsions complying with other requirements.


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