Organisation – Colas Út


chairman & CEO
György Zsiga
Sándor Tóth

Kicked off his career in the construction industry as a foreman in 1998. He arrived to Egri Útépítő, a member of the Colas Group, in 2004 to become a site manager and oversee road construction and road renovation jobs in Budapest. He had been managing the Eastern Hungarian Regional Directorate of Colas Út Zrt. since 2011. Sándor has been CEO since March 2020.

Gábor Bányavári

Earned his civil engineering degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1994, and started working in construction the following year. He was hired by a member of the Colas Group, Egri Útépítő, in 1999. He has been in charge of Western Hungarian operations as regional director since 2009.

regional DIRECTOR
Kornél Pap

Joined the company’s legal predecessor, Egri Útépítő Rt., fresh out of school in 1995. He has spent a few years in almost every technical position related to construction and tendering. He has been overseeing the motorway construction jobs of Colas Közlekedésépítő Zrt. as a regional director since 2010.

Zsolt Czudor

Joined the legal predecessor of Colas Út Zrt., Egri Útépítő in 1998. He was selected to manage contracting and price study activities within the company in 2014.

Dénes Varga

Earned a mechanical engineering degree at the College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation. He has been working at various equipment-related positions at Colas subsidiaries for 17 years, and has been heading the equipment team of Közlekedésépítő since 2012.

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