Colas Út supports the physical education of nursery school children

2014. 10. 06..

The goal of the Ovi-Foci Foundation – launched by Jenő Buzánszky, the former footballer of Hungary’s legendary “Golden Team” of the 1950s – is to sponsor the sporting activities of nursery school children in Hungary and Hungarian-speaking communities in the neighbouring countries with support from both governmental organisations and private patrons.

The programme enables local governments to ensure daily sporting activities essential for preschool children under the supervision of highly-trained educators, in modern facilities built specifically for this age group (6×12 metre multi-functional playing-fields).

Colas Út contributed to building nine of the aforementioned facilities in Cigánd, Kemecse, Kékcse, Monok, Mórahalom, Törökbálint, Hatvan and Nyíregyháza, where two nursery school football pitches were also established with backing from the company.

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