Works on bicycle road between Győr and Pannonhalma kick off

2019. 10. 10..

Construction of a new bicycle road began between Győr and Pannonhalma. The 17.7 kilometer long road is constructed by Colas Út Zrt. Th bike road leads from the southern part of Győr and stretches to the Abbey of Pannonhalma. Out of the 17.7 kilometer total length, 11.6 kilometer is entirely new section, and existing walkways and bike roads are developed on 6.1 kilometers. Six rest areas will be constructed and 200 saplings will be planted. A new railway crossing will also be built at the crossing of railway line 11. As part of the investment, an existing bridge will be renewed near Győr, a new bridge will be constructed in Nyúl and new public road bridges will be constructed near Écs.

photos: NIF Zrt.

Colas Hungária