11.5-tonne pavement reinforcement on main road 86 in Zala County - Colas Út
11.5-tonne pavement reinforcement on main road 86 in Zala County
The 11.5-t pavement reinforcement of the Zala County section of main road 86 was ordered by the National Infrastructure Development Agency, and we commenced the project back in April 2010.

The overall length of the reconstructed section adds up to 28.7 kilometres, stretching from the Rédics border checkpoint to the boundary between Zala and Vas Counties. Outside built-up areas, the road was widened to 12 metres, while speed-reducing traffic islands were set up on bypass sections together with related public-lighting fittings. In addition, we reconstructed eight bridges and all bus turnouts, while existing public utilities were relocated or equipped with protective sleeves. Intersections were rebuilt and upgraded, a completely new roundabout was established, and three further intersections were expanded by constructing new turn lanes.

We maintained traffic throughout the entire duration of the works, avoiding traffic diversions and full road closures.

Starting date: 12/04/2010Kezdés: 2010.04.12.

Completion date: 16/08/2012Befejezés: 2012.08.16.

Length: 37.7 kmHossz: 37.7 km
Section: 0+000 - 37+774 kmSzelvény: 0+000 - 37+774 km
Number of lanes: 2x1Sávok száma: 2x1
Asphalt: 45 600 m3Aszfalt: 45 600 m3
Concrete: 22 000 m3Beton: 22 000 m3
Earthworks: 122 000 m3Földmunka: 122 000 m3
Number of structures: 8Műtárgyak száma: 8
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