New rest areas on the M86 - Colas Út
New rest areas on the M86
The handover of the job sites for the two new rest areas (named Vámoscsalád and Rábaköz) on the M86 – which is intended to connect Szombathely into Hungary’s high-speed bloodstream – was commenced on 19 April 2018, and closed on 3 May. The total value of the project is 5.9 billion forints. After we took possession of the sites, actual works – with the exception of staking-out and setting up surveying benchmarks – were kicked off in mid-May. Since then, topsoil and other materials have been stripped and removed from all areas, and the lion’s share of embankment construction works has also been finished. Currently, we are making preparations for installing improving- and protective layers and building curbs.

All in all, 22 months are available for the project, putting our deadline to 27 January 2020. Within this period, we will have to lay approximately 18,000 tonnes of asphalt, 12,000 square metres of paving blocks, and over 4,000 cubic metres of basalt concrete. For the purposes of embankment construction, we will use up over 88,000 cubic metres of granular materials and nearly 37,000 cubic metres of improving- and protective layers. Besides road-building and water engineering works, the contract requires us to install public utilities (water, sewage, low-voltage power and public lighting), set up road management equipment, construct engineering structures (scales for measuring axle weight and total weight), and erect the related buildings (weigh house and sanitary building). After the handover, the Vámoscsalád facility will operate as a simple rest area combined with a weigh station, whereas the Rábaköz site will be home to a complex rest area.

Starting date: 19/04/2018Kezdés: 2018.04.19.

Completion date: 27/01/2020Befejezés: 2020.01.27.

Location: Western Hungary

Asphalt: 18 000 tAszfalt: 18 000 t
Concrete: 4000 m3Beton: 4000 m3
Pavers: 12 000 m2Térkő: 12 000 m2
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