Bicycle roads in Csongrád County - Colas Út
Bicycle roads in Csongrád County
This year, Colas Út is participating in the construction of two bicycle roads in the South-Eastern part of Hungary. In case of the bike route between Szeged and Sándorfalva, we have been selected as the general contractor for the project. With consideration to the intense traffic of both motor vehicles and bicycles between the two settlements, the local government of Szeged chose to establish a dedicated bike road to protect cyclists. The future stretch of road is 6,236 metres long and 2.5 metres wide. In addition to widening culverts and relocating public utilities, we are also to build a bridge for bicycle traffic. Shortly after the commencement of construction works, the frequent and heavy precipitation – highly unusual for the early summer period – rolled unexpected obstacles into our path. In order to tackle the issue posed by the accumulated stagnant water, we proposed lime-cement stabilisation to the client as a solution. Based on measurements carried out on the trial section, the stabilisation proved to be an effective way to fix the soaked subgrade. At the moment, curb installation and road base construction works are roaring ahead on the project, and with the application of the stabilising layer, the completion of works before the end of the year is not at risk.

The 30-kilometre-long bicycle road between Hódmezővásárhely and Makó is a part of a broader project, and Colas Út undertook to participate in building a 14-kilometre stretch as a subcontractor. Due to the aforementioned weather conditions, the job was not free of problems, but more favourable soil characteristics meant that the subgrade dried out naturally. Therefore, installation of the FZKA road base and the asphalt pavement is already in progress at this location. Despite the extreme summer weather, the final deadline is not in jeopardy, and if all goes well, Colas Út will add over 20 kilometres of bicycle roads to its list of references by the end of 2018.

Starting date: 23/04/2018Kezdés: 2018.04.23.

Completion date: 31/12/2018Befejezés: 2018.12.31.

Location: Csongrád County

Asphalt: 8600 tAszfalt: 8600 t
Earthworks: 31 200 m3Földmunka: 31 200 m3
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