CTPark road works in Tatabánya - Colas Út
CTPark road works in Tatabánya
As a subcontractor of Swietelsky Magyarország, Colas Út Zrt. carried out the road-construction works related to the new 30,000-square-metre warehouse of CTPark Kft., a company based in the Tatabánya Industrial Park. The project requires us to build an 850-metre-long service road, 41 lorry-loading docks, and a parking lot for 150 cars. As part of the construction, we installed 1,100 cubic metres of FZKA road base, 2,100 cubic metres of Ckt pavement base layer, 3,200 tonnes of asphalt, 6,900 square metres of decorative pavement, and 1,800 metres of kerb blocks. As a slight hindrance, the bulk of the construction job has to be performed in the winter and early spring seasons, while we also have to keep an eye on proper coordination due to the simultaneous presence of numerous specialised contractors on the site.

Client: Swietelsky Magyarország Kft.

Starting date: 07/12/2016Kezdés: 2016.12.07.

Completion date: 28/04/2017Befejezés: 2017.04.28.

Length: 850Hossz: 850
Asphalt: 3200 tAszfalt: 3200 t
Concrete: 2100 m3Beton: 2100 m3
Kerbstone: 1800 fmSzegély: 1800 fm
Pavers: 6900 m2Térkő: 6900 m2
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