Double roundabout in the heart of Veszprém - Colas Út
Double roundabout in the heart of Veszprém
In 2018, the most-awaited element of the sustainable urban-transport development programme will take shape in Veszprém in the form of the city centre’s two brand-new roundabout junctions. Works on the 364-million-forint investment have been awarded to the consortium of Colas Út Zrt. and Practical Kft. in an open public procurement procedure.

We know our way around Veszprém, since we carried out the works on the north-south traffic corridor (which also entailed the construction of two roundabouts) back in 2014. The current transformation is nothing but logical, as the city’s transport infrastructure has been optimised for roundabouts, and the project affects the most congested junction of the downtown district. The existing traffic-light-controlled crossroads at the intersection of Budapest Road and Brusznyai Road will be replaced with a three-leg turbo roundabout, while a conventional roundabout will be established at the meeting point of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road and Kórház Street. There is no doubt that the works will be complicated by both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, which will be restricted in three phases. As part of the job, our consortium partner, Practical Kft., will be required to carry out the necessary public-utility relocations. The works went ahead in March 2018, and are expected to come to an end by December. We trust that establishing the new junctions will enable the local residents to get around faster and easier in the city centre.

Starting date: 05/03/2018Kezdés: 2018.03.05.

Completion date: 15/12/2018Befejezés: 2018.12.15.

Location: Veszprém

Asphalt: 2200 tAszfalt: 2200 t
Kerbstone: 3330 mSzegély: 3330 m
Pavers: 2500 m2Térkő: 2500 m2
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