Drainage and road construction works in Devecser - Colas Út
Drainage and road construction works in Devecser
Restoration following the Ajka alumina plant toxic-sludge spill commenced back in 2011. The reconstruction of the clogged, contaminated rainwater-drainage network is still in progress, similarly to the construction of roads and sidewalks. Colas Út’s Veszprém Engineering Unit renovated six streets near the city centre. Drainage works were ordered by SADE Magyarország Kft., while we were assigned the roadworks by Boroszlán Zrt. We commenced the drainage works in August, and our final deadline for the road-construction job was the end of October 2013.

Starting date: 06/08/2013Kezdés: 2013.08.06.

Completion date: 31/10/2013Befejezés: 2013.10.31.

Location: Devecser

Length: 615 m of pipesHossz: 615 m of pipes
Asphalt: 1 000 tAszfalt: 1 000 t
Kerbstone: 4 500 mSzegély: 4 500 m
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