Forest road in Zala County - Colas Út
Forest road in Zala County
On assignment from Zalaerdő Zrt., we have renovated a 4,860-metre-long stretch of deteriorated forest road between Pusztamagyaród and Szentpéterfölde with the recycled materials of the existing pavement structure.

Naturally, offering a favourable price had a fundamental part in winning the job near Nagykanizsa, but previous forestry works performed in the area of Szombathely proved to be an excellent reference to support our bid.

We started rebuilding the forest road between the two villages by first examining the existing pavement, which was necessary to determine the thickness of the replacement gravel layer and the amount of cement to be scattered. Calculations suggested 36 kilograms per square metre for the cement amount. Due to the composition of the old roadbed, the company’s own remix machinery had to be reinforced by a tractor-mounted crusher, which ground the milled-up material to smaller pieces. The machine was rented from Austria specifically for this job.

Finally, we installed six centimetres of AC-16/F asphalt onto the completed base layer, and we also stabilised the shoulder on both sides of the road, in line with the client’s request. During the preparation of the job, Zalaerdő Zrt. organised a demonstration for the region’s forest services, giving them a glance into the work processes. We hope that the positive impression and the successful construction works will lead to further assignments.

Client: Zalaerdő Zrt.

Starting date: 18/07/2016Kezdés: 2016.07.18.

Completion date: 28/10/2016Befejezés: 2016.10.28.

Length: 4 860 mHossz: 4 860 m
Number of lanes: 2x1Sávok száma: 2x1
Asphalt: 1 200 m3Aszfalt: 1 200 m3
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