Four-lane extension of road 76 in Zala County - Colas Út
Four-lane extension of road 76 in Zala County
In February 2018, we set out to perform the four-lane extension of main road 76 near the capital of Zala County. Beyond the widening works, the project also has a number of other tasks in store. The upgrade of main road 76 to 2×2 lanes is intended to improve access to Zalaegerszeg, and we have begun the construction works on a 1.5-kilometre-long stretch.
The section was originally built between 2007 and 2013 with extra pavement reinforcement to withstand axle loads up to 11.5 tonnes. In addition to the widening itself, we are to construct a public road overpass, a pedestrian underpass, and all the related facilities, but the job also requires us to set up a bus bay and a pile retaining wall just short of 440 metres in length. Besides terrain conditions, the retaining wall was rendered necessary by the area’s Natura 2000 protection. We have 25 months to complete the project, thus we are expected to conclude all works by March 2020.

Starting date: 26/02/2018Kezdés: 2018.02.26.

Completion date: 14/08/2020Befejezés: 2020.08.14.

Location: Zala County

Asphalt: 9434 tAszfalt: 9434 t
Concrete: 8400 tBeton: 8400 t
Earthworks: 43 770 m³Földmunka: 43 770 m³
Pile length: 2653 mCölöphossz: 2653 m
Bite: 2045 m³Marás: 2045 m³
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