M85 Győr-Enese - Colas Út
M85 Győr-Enese
Following the Enese bypass section constructed in 2011, Colas is building two further legs of the M85. Construction works for the expressway between Győr and Enese are to be performed by consortium leader Colas Út Zrt. and consortium member Colas Hungária Zrt. Once completed, the 6.8-km-long Győr-Enese section will link motorway M1 to the Enese bypass opened in 2011. The project involves four bridges – two of them overpasses, one leading main road 85 over the expressway, and a fourth one bridges a parallel road and a watercourse.

Client: Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt.

Starting date: 28/06/2013Kezdés: 2013.06.28.

Completion date: 29/05/2015Befejezés: 2015.05.29.

Length: 6.8 kmHossz: 6.8 km
Section: 0+000-6+800Szelvény: 0+000-6+800
Number of lanes: 2x2Sávok száma: 2x2
Asphalt: 72 000 tAszfalt: 72 000 t
Concrete: 30 000 m3Beton: 30 000 m3
Earthworks: 900 000 m3Földmunka: 900 000 m3
Number of structures: 4Műtárgyak száma: 4
Colas Hungária