Main road No 441 Kecskemét-Nagykőrös - Colas Út
Main road No 441 Kecskemét-Nagykőrös
The planned investment concerns a 10 km section of the main road 441. Roundabouts will be built at the beginning of the section and at the junction of Nagykőrös Téglagyári utca. 11 road junctions are planned to be built on the planned section. In the military depot, 6 signalised junctions and 3 vehicle classification junctions, 1 pedestrian crossing with signal lights and 8 pairs of bus bays will be constructed. A cycle path and service roads for cyclists will be constructed and reconstructed along the section of the road parallel to the main road 441.

Client: NIF Zrt.

Starting date: 30/12/2021Kezdés: 2021.12.30.

Completion date: 20/06/2024Befejezés: 2024.06.20.

Location: Kecskemét-Nagykőrös

Length: 10 kmHossz: 10 km
Number of lanes: 2x1Sávok száma: 2x1
Colas Hungária