North-South main traffic corridor in Veszprém - Colas Út
North-South main traffic corridor in Veszprém
Colas Út was commissioned with establishing the city’s second major traffic route. The goal of the project is to shorten travel times and distances, as well as to ease congestion within the city centre.

In addition to the new pedestrian walkway and bicycle path that will run along the entire new stretch of road, block-paved parallel parking spaces were constructed alongside the 2×1 lane first section of the corridor. At this location, the project description also specified a perpendicular parking lot for 41 vehicles. This section leads into a three-leg roundabout, connected to another, four-leg roundabout. The traffic of the six driveways located between the two roundabouts is collected by a frontage road.

Besides the roadworks, the job entails building demolition, landscaping, plantation, public utility (potable water, rainwater, power cable, telephone line) relocation and -construction phases. We are also to form four bus bays from basalt concrete – the use of this material ensures a long pavement life, but requires exceptionally precise and accurate construction works.

Client: Local Government of Veszprém

Starting date: 25/04/2014Kezdés: 2014.04.25.

Completion date: 31/10/2014Befejezés: 2014.10.31.

Location: Veszprém

Length: 650 mHossz: 650 m
Number of lanes: 2x1Sávok száma: 2x1
Asphalt: 3 200 tAszfalt: 3 200 t
Concrete: 1 600 m3Beton: 1 600 m3
Earthworks: 19 000 m3Földmunka: 19 000 m3
Colas Hungária