Parking lot in Mercedes-Benz’ Kecskemét plant - Colas Út
Parking lot in Mercedes-Benz' Kecskemét plant
This time, our contract covers the realisation of a 48,000 square metre asphalt-paved parking lot for the storage of newly-assembled vehicles. Construction has been running since October 2018, and our handover deadline is in May this year. Due to the shortage of time, we must work on an exceptionally tight schedule.

Besides paving, the relevant scope of works also includes the installation of the stormwater drainage network and the public lighting grid. The assignment is worth nearly 1.2 billion forints, which stands out among the private investments performed by Colas Út.

As an interesting detail, soil must be stabilised with cement on the entire surface of the future parking lot. This is necessary to meet the expected load bearing values on top of the subsequent 30-centimetre-thick crushed stone layer. An additional 15 centimetres of crushed stone and two asphalt courses constitute further layers of the pavement structure.

Currently, we are spreading the bottom stone layer, installing the elements of the drainage network, and building the substructures required for the public lighting system. Asphalt-paving works were also launched in the first week of March – as a result, we will probably hand over the project ahead of the contractual deadline. Once completed, the parking lot will hold some 2,300 cars fresh off the production line.

Client: Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary

Starting date: 10/10/2018Kezdés: 2018.10.10.

Completion date: 15/05/2019Befejezés: 2019.05.15.

Location: Kecskemét

Asphalt: 16 000 tAszfalt: 16 000 t
Kerbstone: 1700 lmSzegély: 1700 lm
Colas Hungária