Railway overpass and interchange reconstruction in Hatvan - Colas Út
Railway overpass and interchange reconstruction in Hatvan
The complete project involves the reconstruction of the bridge structure at the railway overpass of main road 3, as well as the design and construction of the adjacent interchange. We commenced our part of the works in the city of Hatvan in April 2014 on assignment by Közgép Zrt. and A-Híd Építő Zrt.

We were tasked with performing earthworks and building backfills for the structures constructed by our clients – including demolition of embankments at the existing overpass –, and with setting up the roundabout interchange of roads 3 and 21 with the related roads, bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways. The roundabout is located on top of a high embankment, allowing the bicycle path and walkway to be led through underneath. Furthermore, we are to reconstruct the southern part of the Kossuth Square by installing new curbs, traffic islands and preparing pavements from asphalt and paving blocks. During the works, Colas Út is in charge of building temporary detour roads in multiple phases.

Client: A-Híd Zrt. / Közgép Zrt.

Starting date: 15/04/2014Kezdés: 2014.04.15.

Completion date: 29/05/2015Befejezés: 2015.05.29.

Location: Hatvan

Asphalt: 3 000 m3Aszfalt: 3 000 m3
Concrete: 3 200 m3Beton: 3 200 m3
Earthworks: 42 800 m3Földmunka: 42 800 m3
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