Rehabilitation of the historic city centre in Kőszeg - Colas Út
Rehabilitation of the historic city centre in Kőszeg
Works entailed the complete removal of the old pavement – consisting of basalt cobblestone and asphalt surfaces – on Jurisics square. Demolition works were followed by reconstruction of public utilities. Sections of the wastewater network were remodelled and a new rainwater drainage system was built, while the power supply for the decorative lighting, public lighting and sprinkler systems was installed. The square’s new pavement is made up of granite paving stone blocks fitting into the old street view of the city centre, as well as granite and basalt cobblestone. The square often provides the venue for various events held in Kőszeg, therefore maintaining a well-organised work site and providing safe circumstances for traffic were among top priorities.

During the excavation phase, the job was regularly hindered by discoveries of medieval relics and old wall and duct remains, thus we had to perform the works under constant archaeological supervision. Some of the uncovered wall remains – for instance, parts of the former cemetery and the old grammar school – were presented in the new pavement. Experts from the National Office of Cultural Heritage paid particular attention to the investment due to the city centre’s role in preserving the historical atmosphere of Kőszeg.

Client: Kőszeg Város Önkormányzata

Starting date: 10/03/2011Kezdés: 2011.03.10.

Completion date: 12/01/2012Befejezés: 2012.01.12.

Location: Kőszeg

Area: 15 314 m2Terület: 15 314 m2
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