Renovation of the Sajókaza-Felsőnyárád connecting road - Colas Út
Renovation of the Sajókaza-Felsőnyárád connecting road
One of the most extensive projects of the 2013 Regional Operative Programme was carried out by Colas Út: no. 2603 connecting road between Sajókaza and Felsőnyárád. The work site located between chainages 2+195 and 8+124 connects the villages of Sajókaza and Felsőnyárád, passing through a hilly, forest-covered area with steep slopes – often on both sides – and sharp bends. The allocated budget covered preparatory works on the 6-km-long stretch of road, followed by the demolition of the complete pavement and the removal of unsuitable soils. The pavement structure was re-constructed with a sandy gravel protective course and an FZKA layer, produced with the recycling of some of the demolished materials. The hydraulic binding layer was made with cold mix technology in the quantity of over 4000 m3. After culverts in the aggregate length of 220 m and other water engineering work phases, laying of the 9100 tonnes of asphalt followed in the form of levelling, binding and wearing courses. The 2300 meters of 50-cm-wide acoustic shoulder markings also formed a part of the job, as well as the 1300 m of single-sided guardrails and miscellaneous traffic engineering and finishing works.

Client: Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt.

Starting date: 11/04/2013Kezdés: 2013.04.11.

Completion date: 20/09/2013Befejezés: 2013.09.20.

Location: Sajókaza

Length: 6 kmHossz: 6 km
Section: 2+195-8+124Szelvény: 2+195-8+124
Asphalt: 9 100 tAszfalt: 9 100 t
Colas Hungária