Road reconstruction in Budapest’s District 10 (Maglódi Rd) - Colas Út
Road reconstruction in Budapest's District 10 (Maglódi Rd)
Our client, BKK Zrt., entrusted us with reconstructing certain sections of Maglódi Road under the project entitled “construction works of the 2015 road renovation programme”. Following the signature of the original contract in a net value of 348 million forints, we had 150 days to carry out the job.

In addition to reconstruction works on Maglódi Road, the project required us to renovate a segment of Sírkert Road, as well as the Maglódi Road – Lavotta Street junction. We kicked off construction with Sírkert Road in late August 2015. In addition to the tight schedule dictated by the client, the organisation was further complicated by the requirement to provide undisturbed access to the Bajcsy Zsilinszky Hospital, the New Public Cemetery, the Budapest
Correctional Facility, the Kőbánya Marketplace, as well as numerous residential buildings and the properties of local enterprises.

During the reconstruction works, we demolished block pavement on approximately 7,000 square metres, and we used up 1,500 cubic metres of CKT road base and 4,000 tonnes of asphalt for the new roadbed. Due to issues arising throughout the performance of the job, the client was forced to order additional works, which comprised further tram-track constructions and power-cable relocations. Together with the additional works, the value of the contract grew to 378 million forints, whereas the construction period was extended to 240 days, thus allowing us to successfully complete the technical handover procedure in April 2016.

Client: BKK Zrt.

Starting date: 24/08/2015Kezdés: 2015.08.24.

Completion date: 21/01/2016Befejezés: 2016.01.21.

Location: Budapest

Asphalt: 4 000 tAszfalt: 4 000 t
Concrete: 1 500 m3Beton: 1 500 m3
Colas Hungária