Road renovations in Eastern Hungary - Colas Út
Road renovations in Eastern Hungary
Hundreds of millions of forints were set aside in 2017 year for various road-repair works in Szeged, the capital of the Alföld region. From that budget, we were tasked with carrying out different road-renovation works at ten locations at a price of 99 million forints. The affected sections were selected on the basis of feedback from residents and the proposals of local representatives.
The three-month-long reconstruction job went ahead in mid-July, and required the company to install 2,200 tonnes of asphalt. Furthermore, we had to replace 1,300 cubic metres of local pavements and adjust the levels of 190 public-utility accessories – mostly in areas with a dense network of public-transport lines. We commenced the project’s technical handover procedure on 7 September, but a second stage of the road-renovation programme will also take place before the end of 2017. As the opening of the bids revealed in late August, Colas Út Zrt. submitted the best offer, which leaves us in a confident position as we wait for the announcement of the winner.
Road-reconstruction works are also on time in Miskolc, although the starting date had to be postponed more than once. Ultimately, we took possession of the job site from the client in mid-July.
The 741-million-forint assignment was won jointly by Colas Út Zrt. and MENTO Kft. at the end of 2016 – according to the breakdown of works, our scope is worth 377 million forints. During the three-month-long project, we refurbished the pavement on six streets, as well as sidewalk pavements, basalt concrete bus bays together with related drainage systems, and a bridge above the Szinva Creek. In order to complete the reconstruction works, we installed 4,800 tonnes of concrete, replaced 2,400 cubic metres of pavement, and built or renovated kerbs on a total length of 4.5 kilometres in keeping with the wishes of public-utility operators, while traffic was to be maintained at all times.

Starting date: 15/07/2017Kezdés: 2017.07.15.

Completion date: 20/10/2017Befejezés: 2017.10.20.

Location: Szeged and Miskolc

Asphalt: 7000 tAszfalt: 7000 t
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