Road renovations in Northern Hungary - Colas Út
Road renovations in Northern Hungary
In the first half of 2017, Hungarian public road operator Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. prequalified three companies – among them Colas Út Zrt. – for road-renovation works in Northern Hungary, for which we ultimately signed a contract in July.
Each road section is covered by a separate tender, and so far, we managed to win 60 of those, but the number is expected to rise, as we are strong contenders in a number of ongoing procedures
with consideration to the main evaluation criteria (net price, environmental load value, willingness to undertake additional defect liability, employment of underprivileged persons).
Among the jobs awarded to Colas, we have already completed and handed over the reconstruction of one road section, which leaves the remaining 59 for this year. The site handover on the first stretches took place after the ides of March, but it is imperative to take possession of all the sites by 31 August, as we have deadlines to keep. We made commitments to wrap up each job in 20-90 days, depending on the specifics of the given section.

Client: Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt.

Starting date: 15/02/2018Kezdés: 2018.02.15.

Completion date: 31/12/2018Befejezés: 2018.12.31.

Location: Northern Hungary

Asphalt: 142 000 tAszfalt: 142 000 t
Colas Hungária