Road renovations in Szombathely - Colas Út
Road renovations in Szombathely
For the first time ever, Colas Út is working as a general contractor in the capital of Vas County, where the company has been assigned with refurbishing seven streets. The local government of Szombathely conducted a tender for the renovation of several roads in the city, and we submitted a bid jointly with Alpok Terra Kft. Our offer was found to be favourable, thus we were tasked with rebuilding seven streets in five phases for a bid of HUF 652 million, out of which Colas Út has a 56% share. As a non-negotiable requirement of the tender, 5% of milled-up asphalt must be recycled and used in mixtures installed during the project, which led us to choose cold remix technology for reinforcing the pavement in five of the seven streets. Notably, the urban environment poses several difficulties in connection with the construction works: curbs, manhole covers and green areas must be protected, while local business- and homeowners must be provided with access to their properties at all times.
Similarly, traffic to plants on Vépi Rd must not be obstructed. Besides the road bed, this project also covers the renovation of sidewalks and bike paths in the streets in question. In line with the breakdown of tasks within the consortium, Colas Út is to carry out pavement-milling, cold remix pavement reinforcement, and asphalting works.

Client: Szombathelyi önkormányzat

Starting date: 01/05/2019Kezdés: 2019.05.01.

Completion date: 31/12/2019Befejezés: 2019.12.31.

Location: Szombathely

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