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Road renovations in Veszprém and Fejér counties
Road 84116 in Veszprém County runs between Main Road 8 and the intersection with Road 8403 in the village of Iszkáz. The complete renovated stretch is 5,725 metres long, 725 metres of which falls within built-up areas. In terms of technology, the renovation calls for the reinforcement of the pavement with cold remix of a thickness of 17 cm with an added 7 cm of 0/22 aggregates, followed by two layers of asphalt with a total thickness of 8 cm.
The other section in Veszprém County is marked 7317, which starts out at Nyirád, and winds toward Tapolca for a length of 6.9 km. The reconstruction entails pavement reinforcement with cold remix technology at a thickness of 17 cm, to be covered by two asphalt courses.

In Fejér County, the situation is somewhat special, since the two sections to be renovated are located on the same road, but are covered
by separate contracts. One section – 542 m in length – on Road 8106 is located entirely within the village of Etyek. We are required to profile the existing pavement by milling, and to reinforce road bed with 4+4 cm of hotmix.
All 5,916 metres of the other segment can be found outside built-up areas between Etyek and Alcsútdoboz. In addition to profiling and installing the two asphalt layers, the entire pavement needs to be replaced in some spots, and the scope of our work also includes renovating two engineering structures on the section.

The overall value of the investment amounts to HUF 1.987 billion

Client: Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt.

Starting date: 20/03/2019Kezdés: 2019.03.20.

Completion date: 15/11/2019Befejezés: 2019.11.15.

Location: Veszprém County, Fejér County

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