Surface works for Budapest’s Metro 4 project - Colas Út
Surface works for Budapest’s Metro 4 project
We performed the job together with Alterra Kft. under the Alterra – Colas-Eger Consortium.

The works involved two separate projects: Fővám Square and Vámház Boulevard were remodelled within the “K2/A surface works” scheme, while the “K2/B” part prescribed the reconstruction of Kálvin Square and Múzeum Boulevard.

Prior to kicking off operations on the surface, we also performed the relocation of public utility cables on the area. The majority of power line and telecommunication cable relocations were completed back in 2008. At that time, the primary goal was to keep the December deadline for handing over tram lines 47 and 49.

Carrying out the assignment constituted a highly complex job, as we had to take the organisation requirements of multiple other projects into consideration on the – relatively small – area, and we were also required to maintain road traffic.

Starting date: 10/10/2007Kezdés: 2007.10.10.

Completion date: 24/06/2013Befejezés: 2013.06.24.

Location: Budapest

Length: 1 039 mHossz: 1 039 m
Asphalt: 10 246 tAszfalt: 10 246 t
Concrete: 6 740 m3Beton: 6 740 m3
Earthworks: 21 750 m3Földmunka: 21 750 m3
Kerbstone: 4 626 mSzegély: 4 626 m
Area: 19 770 m2Terület: 19 770 m2
Colas Hungária