Tab-Lulla access road and Lulla-Balatonendréd connecting road - Colas Út
Tab-Lulla access road and Lulla-Balatonendréd connecting road
The scope of works prescribed the construction of two legs: the 5.6-km-long Tab-Lulla access road and the 9.6-km-long Lulla-Balatonendréd connecting road.

With excellent quality, the faster pace of works and innovative solutions in mind, we performed the reconstruction with the so-called cold remix technology on the entire road surface, since our experiences show that this method – in addition to offering outstanding cost-efficiency – guarantees a more durable pavement.

In order to keep the tight schedule with consideration to consolidation processes, nearly 500 000 m3 of embankments were completed in 2011, as well as three bridge-category corrugated steel culverts (the largest having a diameter of 7.5 m) and the majority of public utility relocations.

Most of the pavement structure was finished in 2012: 70 000 m3 of protective layer, 15 000 m3 of CKT road base and 40 000 t of asphalt, not to mention the finishing work phases – including plantation and traffic engineering.

The reconstructed access road and the newly built connecting road do not only provide a link to the M7 motorway for people living in the Tab region, but are also the cornerstones of the area’s long-term economic development.

Client: Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt.

Starting date: 10/03/2011Kezdés: 2011.03.10.

Completion date: 12/12/2012Befejezés: 2012.12.12.

Length: 5.6 + 9.6 kmHossz: 5.6 + 9.6 km
Number of lanes: 2x1Sávok száma: 2x1
Asphalt: 15 600 m3Aszfalt: 15 600 m3
Earthworks: 200 000 m3Földmunka: 200 000 m3
Kerbstone: 6 100 mSzegély: 6 100 m
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