The multi-level interchange of roads 8 and 72 - Colas Út
The multi-level interchange of roads 8 and 72
Previously, local residents referred to the crossroads simply as the “junction of death” due to the high number of fatal accidents. In the summer of 2009, construction works for converting the junction into a multi-level interchange were awarded to the Veszprém-based unit of Colas Út Zrt. by the National Infrastructure Development Agency.

After clearing some 30,000 m2 of bush and 40,000 m2 of forest, we commenced removing the topsoil from the location of the junction onramps. Earthworks were complicated by large quantities of dolomite on the area.

The only public utility on the work site, the Székesfehérvár–Veszprém optical cable had to be relocated, as it crossed the future location of the northern abutment.

Starting date: 09/09/2009Kezdés: 2009.09.09.

Completion date: 30/11/2010Befejezés: 2010.11.30.

Asphalt: 6 000 m3Aszfalt: 6 000 m3
Concrete: 6 500 m3Beton: 6 500 m3
Earthworks: 30 000 m3Földmunka: 30 000 m3
Colas Hungária