Colas Út fleet upgraded with two VOLVO/ABG pavers
Colas Út fleet upgraded with two VOLVO/ABG pavers

2014. 10. 17..

In order to fit the latest road construction criteria, the new machines fulfil all modern requirements. Their standard screeds are adjustable between 2.5 and 5 metres, with extensions available up to 9 metres, while their specific output is 900 tonnes per hour. Both pavers are equipped with six-cylinder engines churning out 238 horsepower.

The machines are suitable for a wide range of work processes, and their maximum output is often not required. By applying the “smart power mode”, engine power and rpm are automatically reduced, resulting in up to 30% lower fuel consumption and 50% lower noise level. In addition, both pavers are fitted with an innovative device, which uses a fan to extract bitumen fumes released at the augers through the two pipes at the back of the machine.

The new pieces of equipment were first put to work at the new section of the M30 currently under construction. At his site, they were used for laying AC 16 (mF) and AC 32 (mF) asphalt courses with outputs around 600 tonnes per day. In the near future, the pavers will be used as the leading machines on the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County leg of main road 31. Following the first live trials, our machine operators are completely satisfied with the new machines, which they characterised as well-equipped, exceptionally accurate and easy to control.

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