M4 Cegléd bypass kicks off - Colas Út
M4 Cegléd bypass kicks off

2017. 05. 02..

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Üllő-Cegléd section of motorway M4 was held on 28 April near Üllő. Speeches were delivered at the ceremony by Ferenc Szalay, mayor of Szolnok, Mihály Varga, minister of national economy, András Mayer, investment deputy-CEO of NIF Zrt., Róbert Homolya, minister of state, and Lajos Szűcs Lajos, development officer of Pest county. On the 14.4 km long section constructed by Colas, between Albertirsa and Cegléd, three multi-level interchanges will be built.

Photos courtesy of NIF Zrt.

Indulhat az M4-es Ceglédet elkerülő szakasza 4

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