New rollers at Colas Út
New rollers at Colas Út

2015. 04. 01..

After a several-year-long break, Colas Út continued to refresh its existing fleet of machines, because the average age of compactors in the 10-tonne category exceeded 10 years. Recently, we had the chance to test the products of numerous manufacturers. Based on the results of those trials, we opted for the latest HAMM and BOMAG models in the first round. The company received a BOMAG BW 174 AP and three HAMM DW 85 rollers at the end of 2014.

The technical parameters of the two models are nearly identical. Double pivot steering makes the rollers particularly manoeuvrable, which results in significant advantages when working in urban environments. Due to the split front and rear drums, the cracking of asphalt surfaces can be avoided in tight bends (when constructing roundabouts, for instance). In addition, drum offset – the so-called “crabwalk” mode – is also available on the machines, which facilitates compaction along curbs or shoulders.

The new rollers are equipped with a solution never before used at Colas Út: through a GPS-based system, they can keep track of roller passes, and display the related information on the screen installed in the cabin. Compaction values are automatically detected during roller passes – when compaction reaches the required level, the machine automatically switches from vibration to oscillation mode, thus preventing the loosening of the surface caused by over-compaction. For the purposes of documentation and follow-up, daily operations and the compaction map of the given surface can be logged. If required, the system can also be connected to multiple machines, informing the operators on data related to the joint work, such as the combined number of roller passes.

With the involvement of the Technology Directorate, we are planning to kick off the upcoming construction season with a roller duel. Our BOMAG and HAMM machines will work on the same job site simultaneously, under identical circumstances. The test results will come in useful when obtaining further machines.

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