Phase I of the Csepel ridge-road handed over - Colas Út
Phase I of the Csepel ridge-road handed over

2011. 11. 30..

The Colas Csepel Ridge-road Consortium completed works for one of the major development schemes conducted by the Budapest Local Authority, which will significantly ease congestion in District XXI of the Hungarian capital.

For this roadwork, we excavated over 66,000 m3 of soil, performed 16,000 m3 of soil exchange, and laid nearly 31,000 tonnes of asphalt. All telecommunication and power cables were relocated in the vicinity of the road itself and the interchanges on the section borders, while new drains were constructed and existing water lines were also replaced. At the junctions of crossing roads, a coordinated traffic-light system was set up. In addition to replacing affected tracks, new railway crossings were built.

We were determined to improve local residents’ comfort by seeding grass on 59,000 m2 of surfaces, planting 1,099 trees, installing 1,300 m of noise walls, and replacing nearly 600 m2 of doors and windows. Simultaneously with the ridge-road, bicycle roads were also constructed at a complete length of 2,800 m.

In order to assist visually impaired pedestrians, all junctions and bus stops have special pavement elements, while pedestrian traffic lights are equipped with sound devices.

It is important to note that not only the residents of District XXI will benefit from the new ridge-road – following the handover, the road will help people save time when commuting to work or school in Budapest from other settlements on Csepel Island.

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