Works roar ahead on the last M30 section - Colas Út
Works roar ahead on the last M30 section

2019. 06. 01..

After sealing a deal with the National Infrastructure Development Agency, a consortium of Colas Út Zrt. and Colas Hungária Zrt. is set to build the last, missing piece of the M30 motorway. The deal for the 24.2-kilometre-long Szikszó-Encs leg was inked in December 2017, which left us with a total of 44 months to complete the job. The complete contractual amount is HUF 75.4 billion – in line with a breakdown among the Colas firms, consortium leader Colas Út will perform the lion’s share of design-, road construction-, water engineering- and public utility works for HUF 55.4 billion.
As a figure that illustrates the monumental nature of the job, we are installing some 20,000 cubic metres of materials each day, which requires coordination between 120-130 trucks and 50-60 heavy machines. According to plan, pavement installation will begin in July 2019.

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