P+R parking lot in Cinkota, Budapest - Colas Út
P+R parking lot in Cinkota, Budapest
Colas Út was tasked with building the P+R parking lot on the area near the Cinkota suburban railway station in District XVI. The works kicked off in early March, and had been successfully completed by the contractual deadline of 2 June.

Instead of the old turf-block parking area, we created brand-new parking spaces covered with paving blocks, while we also doubled their number, establishing the conditions for the storage of 165 vehicles. An unused plot of BKV (Budapest Public Transport Company) was also paved as part of the expansion, for which we had to knock down a smaller building. Public transport was also rationalised at the location: since the renovation, passengers
do not have to cross Ostoros Road to transfer. The terminals of BKV and bus service provider Volánbusz have been relocated to the square
adjacent to the suburban railway station, which was welcomed by public-transport users. In order to implement the aforementioned changes, we built over 800 square metres of basalt concrete pavement, while we re-built the asphalt-wearing course on Ostoros Road, which was preceded by bend corrections and road widening.

Fortunately, the compliance of the parking lot with the aspects of accessibility is no longer considered a special feature. During the works, we installed 1,040 tonnes of asphalt, 3,200 square metres of paving blocks, and 1,600 metres of new concrete kerbs. In addition to road construction, we refreshed the green areas, refurbished the fence near the suburban railway station, upgraded local public lighting, and we built the structures required for the video surveillance system of the parking area.

The Caprera Creek – running underneath the parking lot – was regulated with new concrete elements, and we reconstructed the paved bed and installed
a debris trap on the creek’s open section. As usual in case of most investments within the Hungarian capital, the client paid special attention to bicycle traffic: as part of the project, we constructed a covered storage facility for 40 bikes near the suburban railway station.

Client: BKK Zrt.

Starting date: 07/03/2016Kezdés: 2016.03.07.

Completion date: 02/06/2016Befejezés: 2016.06.02.

Location: Budapest - Cinkota

Asphalt: 1 040 tAszfalt: 1 040 t
Kerbstone: 1 600 mSzegély: 1 600 m
Area: 3 200 m2Terület: 3 200 m2
Colas Hungária