Reconstruction of Budaörsi Road - Colas Út
Reconstruction of Budaörsi Road
Colas Út refurbished one of Budapest’s main arteries, Budaörsi Road, while constantly maintaining traffic throughout the works. The reconstruction finished at the end of November.

The renovation of the pavement was performed in one or two layers between the existing curb lines. At some locations where the base layer has lost its load bearing capacity, we performed the complete replacement of the road bed. In the interest of reducing noise pollution, the new asphalt wearing course was prepared with rubber bitumen. On the sections affected by the reconstruction, our assignment also covered the landscaping of green areas and the supplementation of missing trees. The renovated road surfaces add up to 41 181 m2, while the total area of sidewalks, median lanes and traffic islands is 13 980 m2.

Colas Út Zrt. deployed in late August 2015 to start the construction works. As usually the case with projects in Budapest, the task was complicated by the requirement to maintain traffic at all times.

Client: Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata

Starting date: 24/08/2015Kezdés: 2015.08.24.

Completion date: 30/11/2015Befejezés: 2015.11.30.

Location: Budapest

Length: 2 kmHossz: 2 km
Number of lanes: 2x1 / 2x2Sávok száma: 2x1 / 2x2
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