Reconstruction on Bocskai Road, Budapest - Colas Út
Reconstruction on Bocskai Road, Budapest
Under the project entitled “Construction works of the 2016 road renovation programme, phase III”, BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) requested that we reconstruct a section of Bocskai Road between Karolina Road and Fehérvári Road. The time frame is 180 days available for the works.

During the design phase, the layout of the street remained unaltered – consequently, the remodelling affects two driving lanes and one bus lane in each direction. Extensive green surfaces are to remain in place, while parking areas will be established in the median islands, and parking lanes will also be formed on the shoulder, interrupted with planters. The complexity of the job is evident: besides road-construction works, we are to rebuild tram tracks in the junction of Bartók Béla Road and Bocskai Road, a number of existing traffic-light-controlled intersections, storm water drains, public-lighting accessories, and we will also have to relocate cables for the power grid, the local telecommunication network, and the FUTÁR passenger-information system.

In consonance with the road-renovation project, the sidewalk in front of the District Mayor’s Office will also undergo remodelling. The decorative pavement will be installed in a special, barcode-like pattern formed of dark and light paving blocks. If scanned with a suitable device, the local government’s website will pop up on the screen. On assignment from the local government, this part of the job is also being realised by Colas Út.

Meanwhile, the client also ordered some additional works (notably, the installation of new traffic lights on the entire section). As the deadline has not been extended, we will initiate the technical handover procedure – regardless of the weather conditions – in line with the original time schedule before the end of the year, and we hope to close the procedure successfully in both a technical and financial sense of the word.

Client: BKK Zrt.

Starting date: 01/08/2016Kezdés: 2016.08.01.

Completion date: 30/12/2016Befejezés: 2016.12.30.

Location: Budapest

Length: 1 100 mHossz: 1 100 m
Asphalt: 10 000 tAszfalt: 10 000 t
Concrete: 4 000 m3Beton: 4 000 m3
Kerbstone: 5 000 mSzegély: 5 000 m
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