Road construction works in Szolnok - Colas Út
Road construction works in Szolnok
The HUF 1.57-billion investment aims to develop the transport network of Mester Rd and the surrounding areas for the sake of workforce mobilisation. As part of the project, a brand new, 2×1-lane collecting road is being set up as a 1,400-m-long extension to Dr. Sebestény Rd. Together with the existing elements, the new section will link the bridge over the Zagyva river with Mester Rd, which is also part of Route 3225 leading to the small town of Besenyszög. Besides building the new stretch, we are tasked with renovating an existing stretch of
Dr. Sebestény Rd, and must also transform the intersection of Dr. Sebestény Rd and Városmajor Rd into a roundabout.

Starting date: 01/07/2019Kezdés: 2019.07.01.

Completion date: 29/02/2020Befejezés: 2020.02.29.

Location: Szolnok

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