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Humus removal and subsoil stabilization are currently underway, as well as the construction of a transport route in parallel.
The aim of the project is the development of flood protection in the Alsó-Tisza.
The aim is the quality improvement in the lives of the residents of Jászberény and the commuters.
Currently, finishing works are underway in the work area: hydraulic engineering, humming, construction of traffic technology.
The project is expected to be completed on November 19, 2022, in 38 months.
The deadline for the completion of the technical handover procedure is 31 August 2021.
The memorial place created at the M86 Rábaközi resting place, in Hungary has its origin in the XV century.
The works on Lake Velence started in 2018. They are currently at a 50% level. The project is expected to
In M4 Abony - Törökszentmiklós section this is the largest bridge under construction, built by Colas Közlekedésépítő Zrt.
Construction works began in 2018 and happened in several phases.
On June 22, 2020, Colas Alterra Zrt. in consortium with SADE Magyarország Mélyépítő Kft. are beginning to expand the channel
Nine athletes represented Hungary at the Colas Team Cup finals, where the focus remained on running and five-a-side football
Colas Hungária joins BCSDH - Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary, the aim of which is to promote  sustainable
Runners from eleven Colas Europe countries chose to turn up at this year’s event
The series of programs included the topics of climate, environment and sustainable development.
TeSzedd! Önkéntes szemétszedési akciót támogat a Colas
Colas was among the main supporters of Hungary`s first national voluntary waste-collecting campaign on 21 May 2011. In addition to
Lefutottuk a Budapest Maratont is 2
Despite taking place in the beginning of October, the colleagues of Colas ran on the 26th Budapest Marathon in unusual
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The graphic artist’s exhibition, entitled “Step Into the Fabulous World of Fairy Tales”, was staged at our Bécsi Road conference
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Colas held a Christmas charity campaign among its employees.
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The second longest river in Europe after the Volga, the Danube’s average water discharge is 2300 cubic metres per second.
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Colas joined the effort to mitigate the emergency situations caused by heavy snowfalls in March and the floods on the
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Colas was awarded new motorway sections during the last few months.
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The third week of June saw the Group’s Safety Week organised globally for a second time.
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From 1 December 2014, Colas Hungária and Colas Út’s headquarters, currently located at 6-12 Kórház Street, will move to 30
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On 9 October 2016, the starting pistol was fired for the 31st time in the history of Budapest marathons.
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For five days in the second week of September, basketball players took over the main square of Debrecen.
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Our parent company launched the cLeanergie campaign in 2012 to promote the efficient use of energy over the complete range
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The new health and safety sign of the Hungarian Colas Group is a great success among commuters and passers-by.
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On 25-26 May, our French parent company, Colas SA, held its biannual international conference on environmental protection in Lyon with
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We handed over three projects recently.
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2015 marked the third time the Infrastructure Cup was organised for participants on the infrastructure building and operating market, with
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In 2016, we participated for the third time in the Infrastructure Cup, a sporting event organised by PromoSport, traditionally in
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According to the decision of the Expert Committee, Colas was awarded the Business Superbrands prize in 2016.
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After five years of joint research, the company’s Technology Campus (CST) and the French National Institute for Solar Energy presented
Új technológia a Colas portfóliójában: Latexfalt 3
Latexfalt is the best way to renovate industrial floors, warehouses, logistics buildings, workshops, underground car parks, and exhibition halls.
It was Budapest’s turn to welcome the Colas football teams from the surrounding countries
Société Routière Colas was called to life exactly 90 years ago.
The “My dad works here, too” signs have been in use since 2015 at Hungarian work sites.
If things go sideways, our colleagues are always devoted to lend a hand.
Hungary earned the accolade by cutting its SI from 0.35 last year to 0.09 in 2019
The first venue of Ewave eMobility Show was in Dunaújváros on 27 September.
A higher-than-before number of firms represented themselves at the NIF Cup, which was organised as part of this year’s Infrastructure
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Following last year’s victory in Croatia, the Hungarian Colas team arrived as the reigning champions to the second CED football
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