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Implementation period: 01.03.2020 - 31.12.2023. The aim of the research project was the application-oriented development of a non-traditional asphalt mix,
The National Reserach, Development and Innovation Office awarded our application for developing an asphalt mix optimized for safety, sustainability and
HELIOCOL is one of Colas’ technologies, which provides a highly decorative surface. Consequently, it is primarily used at special locations
With the cooperation of Colas Hungária Technology Directorate, Colas Út Zrt. was awarded a subsidy under the “Experimental road- and
Meleg remix technológia az M3-as felújításánál 1
Earlier in 2010, Állami Autópálya Kezelő Zrt (Hungarian State Motorway Operator) announced the tender for pavement reconstruction works on the
Zajcsökkentő BBTM aszfalt az M3-as autópályán 1
In early 2010, the Eger Directorate of COLAS ÚT was selected to perform two large-scale reconstruction jobs on the left
Alacsony hőmérsékletű (LT) aszfalt próbaszakasz az M6-os mellett 2
The key advantage of low temperature asphalts compared to regular asphalts is the 30% reduction of energy consumption both at
Hideg recycling kísérleti szakasz épült 3
Trial mixture production and a trial section construction took place in October 2009 in Hungary. We made two kinds of VALORCOL
Új kátyúzási technológiák 1
The demonstration of a new pothole repair technology first took place on 6 April 2009 during the Tech Day organised
Piros színű langyos aszfalt 3
Low-temperature asphalt mixture containing CWM additive was first laid with Bituclair binder as red asphalt pavement in the bicycle lane of Alkotmány
Suttogó aszfalt az M5-ös autópályán
In 2008, we constructed 10 km of noise reducing Rugosoft pavement in 3 cm thickness on the M5 motorway between chainages
Végécol és Bituclair történelmi emlékeken 2
In the village of Bölcske, we accomplished an unusual road constrcution assignment in 2007. During public utility works underneath Templom
The trial manufacturing and installation of the first regular LT asphalt with normal bitumen took place in December 2008. The
Környezetbarát tapadásgátló szert tesztelt a Colas 1
A trial of the plant-based BIOTEC 5100 fluid took place on the site of Colas Út’s first major asphalt paving job in
ASFT-felmérés Győr-Moson-Sopron megyében 2
The Technology Directorate tested the skid resistance of secondary main roads in Győr-Moson-Sopron County on an overall length of 520
Színes LT aszfalt kerékpársáv Budapesten 2
A new example of the the application of low temperature (LT) and/or coloured asphalt mixes made with modified Bituclair or
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In the autumn of 2010, we conducted an asphalt-technology control test in cooperation with the Central Laboratory by appointment of
Habosított bitumennel készült WMA-próbaszakaszok
Colas was the first in Central Europe to construct WMA trial pavements with foamed bitumen. One of the ways of
ASFT-felmérés a magyar gyorsforgalmi hálózaton 2
By order of the Hungarian State Motorway Management Company (ÁAK), Colas Hungária’s Technology Directorate performed comprehensive skid-resistance (and surface-roughness) testing
Piros aszfaltcsík a Budafoki úton 1
A stretch of red asphalt was constructed in the intersection of Bogdánfy and Budafoki road in the bicycle lane.
Technológiai képzés Noszvajon 1
The Technology Directorate’s first training session has been held since introducing the new organisational structure.
Horvát kollégákat látott vendégül a központi labor 1
Guests from the company group paid a professional visit to the Technology Directorate’s Central Laboratory.
Technológiai nap a főváros szakembereinek
Within the frames of the Technology Day held on 20 September 2011, Budapest road maintenance specialists and technical experts could
Training day for technical managers 2
On October 21, 2010, the training series introduced at the Technology Division – known as Technology Day – continued under
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By order of the Hungarian State Motorway Management Company (ÁAK), Colas Hungária’s Technology Directorate performed comprehensive skid-resistance (and surface-roughness) testing.
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The fifth EURASPHALT & EUROBITUME Congress was held in Istanbul between 13 and 15 June 2012.
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The Technology Directorate tested the skid resistance of secondary main roads in Győr-Moson-Sopron County.
Vásárhelyi-díjat kapott Puchard Zoltán 1
Following the recommendation by the Hungarian Road Society’s Board of Directors, the organisation awarded Colas Technology Director Zoltán Puchard with
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We equipped our Benninghoven mixing plant located in Oros – currently producing asphalt for motorway M3 – with a new
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The Hungarian Asphalt Pavement Association (HAPA) held its 15th annual international conference in Balatonalmádi on 25-26 February 2014 with the
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The annual National Traffic Days – the most anticipated and largest event regarding Hungarian infrastructure – was held between 5-7
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With 21st century standards in focus, Colas’ professionals are currently involved in the preparatory work aimed at optimising the road
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The Hungarian Asphalt Pavement Association (HAPA) held its annual international conference on 25-26 February 2013 with the participation of renowned
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Organised by the National Innovation Office with the cooperation of numerous Hungarian organisations and professional backing from Design Terminal and
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As a common practice, a public procurement procedure is launched each year by Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. for cold pothole
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On 30 July 2014, a conference was held at Colas’ Technology Directorate with the aim of resolving recent issues regarding
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In each country, thousands of tests must be performed every year, and chlorinated carbohydrates – a range of chemicals having
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In the first week of May, our colleagues from the Technology Directorate took part in a training focussing on tyre-pavement
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On 10 February 2015, the Technology Directorate held another of its popular tech days – this time specifically for road
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Following an offer from Profi Bagger Kft. and Wirtgen Budapest Kft., we had the chance to master the operation of
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Our colleague at Colas Hungária’s Technology Directorate, chief engineer Dr. Ágnes Vinczéné Görgényi was among the 2015 winners of the
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The Technology Directorate of Colas Hungária Zrt. (with the assistance of Colas SA) joined the EU-financed LIFE SustainEuroRoad project.
Software for Eco-friendly Road Construction 1
Together with three other countries, we joined the LIFE SustainEuroRoad project, following the recommendation of our French parent company.
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The Hungarian Asphalt Pavement Association (HAPA) held its 17th annual conference at the Ramada Aurora Hotel & Resort Lake Balaton
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The Our Constructions – Transylvania-Partium-Banat conference was organised for the third time in 2015, with a Székely city as the
The Technology Directorate of Colas Hungária Zrt. has been awarded a non-refundable grant worth 88.12 million forints from the programme
Colas Hungária Technology Directorate extended its fleet with a Swedish-made KUAB device
Under the project, the Directorate has purchased a new piece of laboratory equipment
VALORCOL layers have a number of benefits in comparison with rolled hotmix
The new pavement is pleasing to the eye, durable, and goes well with the environment
The renovations also increased safety and comfort
Testing the various characteristics of bituminous binders is becoming increasingly significant
Tanulmányút a Colas technológiai központjában 3
Representing the Technology Directorate, we took a study tour of the Colas Group’s Technology Centre located at Magny, just outside
Tanulmányúton a CST-ben 1
During their five day visit, Dr. Ágnes Vinczéné Görgényi and József Gonda had the chance to visit various asphalt testing
Colas Hungária