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This year, Colas Út is participating in the construction of two bicycle roads in the South-Eastern part of Hungary. In
In 2018, the most-awaited element of the sustainable urban-transport development programme will take shape in Veszprém in the form of
In the first half of 2017, Hungarian public road operator Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. prequalified three companies – among them
Hundreds of millions of forints were set aside in 2017 year for various road-repair works in Szeged, the capital of
Hatvan vasúti felüljáró és csomópont felújítás 1
The complete project involves the reconstruction of the bridge structure at the railway overpass of main road 3, as well
Automatikus vázlat 430
The 22-km-long bike road built by Colas Út starts from Berettyóújfalu and ends at the Hungarian-Romanian border. With its starting
Csepeli gerincút, I. ütem 5
The Colas Csepel Ridge-road Consortium completed works for one of the major development schemes conducted by the Budapest Local Authority,
Budapesti útfelújítások 2010 - I. ütem
Similarly to previous years, we were very successful in the tenders called by the Municipality of Budapest with a view to selecting the
Airport City 2
Colas Út has contributed to the realisation of yet another private investment, as we have recently handed over the service
P+R parkoló Cinkotán 2
Colas Út was tasked with building the P+R parking lot on the area near the Cinkota suburban railway station in District XVI.
Budaörsi út felújítás 3
Colas Út refurbished one of Budapest’s main arteries, Budaörsi Road, while constantly maintaining traffic throughout the works. The reconstruction finished at the
Útfelújítás a X. kerületben (Maglódi út) 2
Our client, BKK Zrt., entrusted us with reconstructing certain sections of Maglódi Road under the project entitled “construction works of the 2015 road renovation
Automatikus vázlat 440
Under the leadership of the Colas subsidiary, the consortium of Colas Út Zrt. and HE-DO Kft. won the National Infrastructure
32-es út rekonstrukció 4
Main road 32 and the parallel Szolnok-Hatvan railway line conduct heavy passenger- and cargo traffic due to offering a connection
Veszprém észak-déli közlekedési főtengely 1
Colas Út was commissioned with establishing the city’s second major traffic route. The goal of the project is to shorten travel
55-ös főút Mórahalom elkerülő 3
On assignment by NIF Zrt., construction works were commenced on the bypass road for Mórahalom in April 2014. Running parallel
47-es főút 11,5 tonnás rekonstrukció 4
The Békés County section (132+921 - 167+332 km) of main road 47 is currently undergoing pavement reinforcement to endure axle
Eger történelmi belvárosának rehabilitációja 1
The three-strong PCC Consortium began renovation works of the Dobó Square and the city centre on 2 December 2013. The
31-es főút rekonstrukció - Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok megye 1
The 11.5-tonne reconstruction of main road 31 is carried out in consortium with Duna Aszfalt, and affects both urban and
M86 autóút Szeleste-Hegyfalu 1
Works on the four-lane, 7.5-km-long high-speed road section were assigned to the consortium co-founded by Colas Út Zrt. and Euroaszfalt
Nádasd elkerülő 7
Jobs of Nádasd, Hegyhátsál and Katafa bypass within the 24-month long construction period entail the building of 7,713 metres of new road, as well as 11.5-tonne
M30 Miskolc északi elkerülő 2. ütem 5
As a member of the KCC-2013 Consortium, Colas Út was commissioned with the job following a public-procurement procedure. The project
Komoró elkerülő út 5
Construction works of the Komoró bypass road were awarded to the consortium uniting Colas Út and KE-VÍZ 21 Zrt in
Csatorna- és útépítés Devecserben
Restoration following the Ajka alumina plant toxic-sludge spill commenced back in 2011. The reconstruction of the clogged, contaminated rainwater-drainage network
4-es számú főút burkolatszélesítés és megerősítés 4
The consortium composed of Colas Út Zrt. and Strabag Általános Építő Kft. won the pavement reinforcement and widening tender for
Szarvasi városrehabilitáció 1
Kossuth Square in the city centre of Szarvas was remodelled, while Main Square was also refurbished, and Kossuth Street received
Sajókaza-Felsőnyárád összekötőút felújítás 4
One of the most extensive projects of the 2013 Regional Operative Programme was carried out by Colas Út: no. 2603 connecting road
Remixtechnológia a 2116-os Bánk-Romhány összekötő úton 2
Using funding from the Northern Hungarian Regional Operational Programme, we constructed the hydraulic binding course on the bulk of the
Déli-Belváros megújítása
The South Central Budapest reconstruction project continued in 2013 with the renovation of five streets – the job was carried
Budapest II. kerületi Kapy és Csévi utcák felújítása 2
Kapy Street and Csévi Street were reconstructed by Colas Út. Works had to be performed in both streets while keeping
Szeged, Vásárhelyi Pál utca komplex felújítási munkái 8
Under the reconstruction programme, two traffic lanes – in a width of 14 m, and a length of 515 m
Automatikus vázlat 421
Works entailed the complete removal of the old pavement – consisting of basalt cobblestone and asphalt surfaces – on Jurisics
Tab-Lulla bekötőút és Lulla-Balatonendréd összekötő út
The scope of works prescribed the construction of two legs: the 5.6-km-long Tab-Lulla access road and the 9.6-km-long Lulla-Balatonendréd connecting
Automatikus vázlat 411
In 2010, the State Motorway Operator picked Colas Út Zrt. to carry out the reconstruction of three sections (chainages 22+200
86-os főút 11,5 tonnás burkolaterősítése Zala megyében 1
The 11.5-t pavement reinforcement of the Zala County section of main road 86 was ordered by the National Infrastructure Development
Dél-budai tehermentesítő út III. szakasz (Andor utca) 1
The tasks in Phase III of the Southern Buda relief road construction project on Andor Street were finished ahead of schedule. With
A 76-os főút 11,5 tonnás rekonstrukciója
The project – divided into 11 separate work sites – required Colas Út Zrt. to reconstruct a 26.7-km-long section of
8-as és 72-es utak különszintű csomópontja 3
Previously, local residents referred to the crossroads simply as the “junction of death” due to the high number of fatal
4-es főút Hajdú-Bihar megyei szakaszának 11,5 tonnás burkolaterősítési munkái 3
In 2009, Colas Út Zrt. commenced 11.5-tonne pavement reinforcement works on two sections of main road 4 in Hajdú-Bihar County.
451 sz. út Csongrádot elkerülő útszakasz 2
In 2009, the National Infrastructure Development Agency announced an open tender for a section of road 451 bypassing the city
M85 autóút Enese elkerülő szakasz 1
The Enese bypass section was built by the CÉ-LA 2009 Consortium founded by consortium leader Colas Út Zrt. and member Lavinamix
4-es számú főút Debrecen elkerülő 3
The 11.9-km-long 1st class main road section was built in 2x1 lane configuration on a completely new layout to link
XV. ker. Rákospalotai határút építése 2
In 2009, COLAS Építő Zrt. was selected by the National Infrastructure Development Agency in a public procurement tender for the
M0 keleti szektor (M3 - 3-as főút) 5
The construction works of the main carriageway of the section of the Eastern Sector of Motorway M0 between Main Road
Burkolatfelújítás csúszózsalus betontechnológiával 2
Our predecessor, Colas Építő Zrt. renovated road 5202 between Taksony and Dabas in May 2009. The pavement was highly deteriorated
4-es metró felszíni beruházások 1
We performed the job together with Alterra Kft. under the Alterra – Colas-Eger Consortium. The works involved two separate projects:
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